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  • Please note that for the Rocky Mountains, Little Belt Mountains, Castle Mountains, Crazy Mountains, and Highwood Mountains only snowmobiles are allowed during the given winter season. No vehicles steered and driven by tracks or with bench seating (such as snow coaches, ATVs and utvs with 4-track conversion kits) are allowed. Snowmobiles are defined as:

    Snowmobile.  An over-snow vehicle that operates on a track, uses one or more skis for steering, and has handle-bar steering and a seat designed to be straddled by the operator. (FSM 2350.05)

  • In the Big and Little Snowy Mountains snowmobiles, as well as vehicles with snow tracks on them, such as snow coaches and UTVs with conversion kits are allowed as over-snow vehicles, during the dates shown on the OSVUM.

  • For more information: Visit: Forest Service website

*Note: When downloading maps only for use in a navigation application, such as Avenza, please download and read the complete OSVUM, or pick it up at a Helena-Lewis and Clark NF office. The OSVUM contains the complete over-the-snow regulations, definitions, and map legend.

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Residents/Non-residents must purchase a Trail Pass to legally ride on any of the 4,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Montana. Trail passes apply to all “mechanized equipment” including; snowmobiles, motorized snow bikes, and fat-tire pedal bikes. Trail passes are valid for two seasons.

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